November Goals


There's nothing I love more than reading other people's goals posts, they give me such inspiration to be a better version of myself. So I thought I'd contribute my own goals to a blog post. Also, I'm well aware it's the 6th already but it seemed like a Monday kinda post. New week and all that.

I'm not great at setting myself goals and occasionally (most of the time) I can be quite unmotivated, so I'm hoping this little extra organisation might help me to achieve more in my month. Hopefully It's not too late to teach this old dog some new organisation tricks.

So, here goes. I could probably think of a list of twenty points but I want to be realistic and actually stick to them, so here's my five goals for this November.


consistent posting

Oh this golden oldie. Who doesn't have this as a goal on a monthly reoccurrence, am I right? But, hear me out okay, this time I'm being serious. I have the content planned, most written and some scheduled. I can actually do it this month, I truly feel it.

Consistent posting as we all know is a bonus for bloggers and readers a like. When I'm consistently posting I can see the benefit, people are more engaged with my writing and I feel more engaged in the blogosphere. It's a proper win-win situation.

I'm already feeling so positive about November, I have so much content to write and a few collaborations I'm excited to share with you all. So I'm hoping this goal will be an easy one to stick to. 

If you interested in what my current posting schedule looks like, It's Monday, Wednesday and Friday all at 8am!

get on top of uni work

This one is a real serious one, one that I ~really~ cannot ignore. So basically, I'm terrible at being motivated. Like honestly terrible, always have been with education and always will. I totally understand the work and when I get my arse into gear I do produce good work - but it takes me a while to get there.

So one of my goals this month is to attend all my lectures (give me strength) and to keep up with work on a weekly basis (and not watch so much Netflix). I won't lie, the struggle will be real, but it will be nice to not have so much of a panic when deadlines come around.

I think ideally for this to work for me I need to figure out a time period each week where I can safely say I'm going to do work no matter what. Considering my first lecture on a Monday isn't until 1pm it should probably be Monday morning... ergh.


Put Energy into My Channel

Last week I spoke about how I'm returning to YouTube, so naturally one of my goals should probably revolve around my channel. I really want this month to be about rediscovering my voice when it comes to YouTube . It's been such a long time since I have uploaded, so I'm excited to work on my new tone and branding for the channel.

Where I'm still finding my feet with filming I don't feel quite unique on YouTube yet, so I'm really looking forward to creating a little piece of me on the tiny tv which is my channel. It might take some time but I'm ready to put my energy into it this month.

Plan Christmas Content

Christmas! Yes, it's really time to start setting my mind forward to Christmas content planning. Seems crazy how quickly this year has gone, but I am so here for Christmas. I'm essentially an elf at heart, always looking forward to Christmas.

I won't pretend I'm going to have to have the time for Blogmas this year, with all my deadlines and such. However, that doesn't mean I'm not going to fully immerse myself with all the delights Christmas has to offer on my blog. 

Currently I'm in the early stages of planning but I'm looking to do some different sorts of festive content which I cannot wait to get working on.


sort my wardrobe out

Ergh, worst until last. My wardrobe is in a dire state, unorganised and still full of summer. I really need to go through my clothes, get some down to the charity shop and others away in storage. Honestly, it's in such a muddle I feel like I cannot find any of my clothes at the moment. Basically I need to get on it.

Until it's had a good sort through it's hard to see the gaps in my wardrobe and know what I need rather than just what I want. So in my mind, the sooner I get it tidied - the sooner I can go shopping, right?