Why I'm Returning to YouTube


Okay, first off apologies for the totally unrelated photos but I went for an autumnal walk and couldn't resist popping them up. I mean, ponies for goodness sake. Ponies.

Right, let's get back on topic. YouTube. I've decided to give it a real go again this month. Truth is I've spent time watching back my vlogs from last year and it dawned on me how much I miss the filming, editing and the memories made doing it. So I've picked up (my rather heavy) vlogging camera again and started.

I thought I would talk a little about my decision to start vlogging again and what to expect.


documenting life

The one thing I truly regret about not vlogging this year is the lack of video documentation I have. It is so fun to go back through my vlogs from last year and see what I was up to, what made me laugh and what I was thinking. It's mad, these small insignificant things would of easily been forgotten but because of video footage, they're always there for me. It's pretty damn cool.

I want to grow a little braver this time around and not be afraid to take my camera out and film life around me. It's always a hard thing getting used to filming yourself and feeling comfortable enough to film others too - but when you do, It's pretty rewarding.

I know weekly vlogs are all over YouTube but for me I think sticking to that format works best for me. Editing is definetly the hardest part for me, so the less often the easier right?


practice makes perfect

I think the one thing that puts me and most people off creating content for YouTube is it not being polished enough. My filming skills are still basic, sometimes I have to abandon entire pieces of footage because of how shaky my hand was. Editing, well it's not how I envision just yet. 

I really want to improve my skills and create the content that I can only dream of now but the only way to do that is start rather than wishing and hoping. So here's to plunging in at the deep end and giving it my best shot.

Truth is, as with everything - practice really does make perfect.


what's coming?

Well, well. I'm not going to go in over my head here, I'm going to get back into weekly vlogging first and then slowly figure out how to film traditional sit-down videos. Best to keep things simple starting off right?

So the weekly vlogs, much like last year they will be a weekly account of my life. I probably will talk a lot of rubbish and occasionally drink a bottle of prosecco. Uploads will be on Tuesdays at 6pm.

The only thing I want to do differently is to film more and take more opportunities with it. So, if you do so fancy coming on this journey with me you can subscribe to my channel here and it's quite possible I will love you forever. Thanks pals.