Glossier, First Impressions


Glossier, the most talked about beauty brand in the Blogosphere right now. Some are straight on the bandwagon, hauling every product, others are not even bothered and then there's people like myself, who are shall we say, Glossier-curious.

One night around 11pm, something came over me - suddenly I wanted to delve into the world of Glossier. So £70 later, I did.

Do I regret it? Not one bit. And here's why...


The brand

Let's take a step back before we go over my first impressions and talk a little about the brand. Glossier is the child of the wonderful Into The Gloss, the beauty website we all know and love. The idea is that the beauty editors have been there, tried it all and now they're ready to make the products us beauty addicts want.

There's nothing more exciting than when a truly creative business launches. Every inch of Glossier screams well thought out designs, from the glorious showroom to the bubble wrap packages which arrive through our doors. The website is slick, the packaging is beautifully minimal and they work of the trust they gained through Into The Gloss. 



Before ordering I had previously watched Anna's video where she gives a quick overview of the entire range, very, very handy. I used this as a basic guide when deciding what I fancied trying.

I'm pretty happy with the bits I have from the Ordinary for the moment, but I'm sure I'll delve into the skincare range a little more later on.

What I did try however, is the Priming Moisturiser and the Milk Jelly Cleanser:

The Milk Jelly Cleanser didn't particularly live up to my expectations, after seeing a lot of raving reviews I was kind of expecting a new holy grail cleanser.  It's too early to give a real comment, but it's an odd texture and doesn't leave my face any different from a regular cleanser, who knows - maybe the key is in persistence.

The Priming Moisturiser on the other hand, that my friends is a beaut. Asides from being incredibly aesthetic, the moisturiser in long lasting and works fantastically on my pesky dry skin. I can see it being a solid staple on my bathroom shelf.



I did not hold back on the make up, there was just so much I wanted to try. I feel for me I tend to always concentrate on good skincare, which can leave make up trailing behind in the background. As soon as I saw Glossier I saw a brand which bought a little fun into make up, all of a sudden changed my usual perspective. 

So I decided to try - Boy Brow, Haloscope, Cloud Paint and Generation G:

What I really love about Glossier is their duo offers, which helps feed the need to try everything. One of the duos I went for was the Boy Brow and Haloscope, what a duo. The Boy Brow really lived up to the hype, unlike any brow gels I've tried before - this babe of a product adds serious pigment as well as helping give my brows the tamed yet untamed look I love. The Haloscope, which I got in the iridescent shade 'Moonshine' is also a little superstar - just the right amount of high-shine for my face. Chuffed with these two.

I was also intrigued by the Cloud Paint, it was too cute to resist. I went for the shade 'Beam' however, I kind of regret this and wish I'd gone with 'Dusk'. The application is a bit of a struggle, it's a little messy but if you get it right - it does look good. I think I'll continue to pursue the application of this product and hope I get better. 

Lastly I tried the Generation G Lip Colour in the shade 'Cake' - I really love this. The formula is really balmy and moisturising, which kind of makes it my go to in the bag lippy at the moment. I really love the shade, It's a gorgeous nude. I think I need to invest in some of the more punchy shades now.


So in conclusion my first delve into the world of was a success. I've definetly found some staple products in Glossier and it has left me itching to try more. For me the highlights really are the Priming Moisturiser, Boy Brow and Generation G but I'm hoping the likes of Milk Jelly Cleanser grow on me!

If you fancy a little 10% off your order just click this link and have fun trying to resist buying everything 😜

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