San Diego #RushandTravel


And so the journey begins...

Finally, I'm getting round to popping some of my America photographs from my DSLR up. I wasn't sure exactly how to organise them since I was there for a while and moved around quite a lot. I figured breaking it down city by city would be the best bet, so I'll start with where it all started - San Diego. So my trip was organised by Trek America, I did the Westerner 2 which seemed to tick off a lot of the boxes on my 'I need to see in America' list. My experience was a little different to how I expected, whilst the people I met were amazing and the locations were out of this world - it just wasn't what I expected. So on that note, rather than talking about my Trek America experiences I wanted to talk more about the places and the people.


Unexpected Beauty

I had no idea what to expect from San Diego, I'd never thought much about it but when we arrived I immediately loved the area. It was beautifully sunny, warm, the architecture full of Spanish influence, the tacos were out of this world and I know I want to see it all again one day.

The thing with Trek America is that you are never anywhere for too long. San Diego was one of those places where I would have liked to have really explored the city, eaten, drank and Instagrammed my way around the place.


Places to add to your to see list

As mentioned I wasn't there long enough, at all. That said, in my short time I did see some pretty amazing places - ones which I would recommend. 

Firstly, the botanical gardens inside Balboa Park are beautiful and free. If you're a crazy plant lady like me, I can totally recommend it. The rest of Balboa Park however beautiful it is, it's not for me. I guess I'm just not a museum person. 

Beach-wise, Mission Beach really is all it's cracked up to be. It was actually one of my favourite parts of San Diego, we had such a laugh there. Being with a few English girls and a couple of Aussies made us realise how desperate us Brits are to be in the sea, we just don't have that luxury at home!

Little Italy is also a brilliant part of San Diego, not only can you grab your perfect sunset snap down the roads here but you can also grab a slice a pizza too. 


Some of the memories

As I mentioned my 'Trek experience' was so, so. I don't love sharing negativity on here, so I'm just going to avoid talking about it so much. That said, the girls I met on the trip honestly made it what it was. So a big thank you to Kim, Hayley, Al, Gemma and of course my best friend Naomi who I travelled with. 

San Diego was our first stop as a group, so the group banter hadn't quite set in yet and we were all still being polite and nice to each other. This didn't last, obviously. 

My favourite memories from San Diego include walking into a cool craft bar and Hayley exclaiming at the barman 'we're tourists' (like it wasn't obvious from our backpacks!), getting taken out repeatedly by waves on Mission Beach, finding white girl rose in the local liquor store best branding ever.


I've got quite a few iPhone photos from the whole trip but I think I'm going to upload them as part of a photo diary post much like the one I did for Lisbon. So yeah, watch this space pals!