Here are the answers to some FAQs we reguarly get asked, if you have a different question please pop it through to

What camera do you use?

I use my Canon 700d on most of the photographs on here, mostly using the 40mm lens. Occasionally I'll slip in a iPhone photograph though!

how do you edit your photos?

Adobe Lightroom, the best and quickest editing.

what happened to rush & teal?

I wrote a lengthy post here to explain the change if you fancy a read. If not, in short - as I grew up after six years I decided a change was in order and now we have allie etc.


how can i get involved with allie etc?

If you fancy contributing in some way please drop me an email!

how can i receive blog posts by email?

By clicking this link!

What's coming next to allie etc?

Well, the monthly newsletter begins in August. There are two extra launches planned in August and one in December. If you sign up to the newsletter you'll be the first to know!